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Oct 28, 2018
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Welcome to the SkyPvP Forums!

As we do have this forum and this is a small community, this doesn't mean we enforce it.
Please consider the following to ensure that there is less work for forum Administrators and Moderators, and less toxicity on the forum.

1.) We recommend that you DO NOT POST INAPPROPRIATE LINKS! We may have range of age, but we do not want NSFW content that may influence others.
2.) Yes, as this may seem very off. Swearing is not tolerated, and again since of age. Yet also showing us your personality, and effecting your future application.
3.) Nicknames - Don't have nicknames that are inappropriate or hard to understand. Again for the same reason, but we do want everyone to play safe and have fun.
4.) TREAT EVERYONE WITH RESPECT! Being respectful can change your reputation greatly, on the opposite; can bring a negative result.
5.) Spamming information such as: server advertisements, repeated details, even links is prohibited. This causes issues with moderators finding a certain post.
6.) Impersonation: We're all ourselves here. Don't try to act like a high ranking staff member leading them to a place that could be malicious or inappropriate.
7.) Threats are and could be common. Don't frighten others trying to assert dominance to someone. Play it cool.
8.) All MR+ must and have correct grammar to remain professional and collected. This is enforced.

That's all! You may start posting freely, by the main category/subcategory.
Any questions should be directed towards the MR+ staff team on Discord or here on the forum.
Thanks and welcome again to the SkyPvP Forums.

Charlie | Administrator
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